You can manage homemaking with chronic illness
for God’s glory.

Tired of wasting energy trying to keep up with it all?

If you’re sick and tired of trying to keep up with all the demands of homemaking while being sick and tired, it’s time for a new system.

Chronic Homemaking is a self-paced course that will guide you through all the key areas of homemaking and will equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to suceed at homemaking with chronic illness.

Even more – you’ll not only succeed in managing a well-kept home, but you will build your homemaking on the crucial foundation that so many people miss, and in so doing, you will glorify God in your life, home and tasks.

What if you could...

Focus on the tasks you need to do in the right order?

Be given solutions for the problems you keep encountering?

Have a clean, tidy home without burning out and relapsing?

Get the encouragement you need to survive flare-ups?

Glorify God throughout all of it?


Here's what you'll get

Chronic Homemaking is exclusively available in My Homemaking Mentor

Homemaking Ministries launched their online training academy, My Homemaking Mentor, a few years ago and Chronic Homemaking is exclusively available inside the academy. So your investment doesn't just get you access to Chronic Homemaking, but to 21 other courses by bloggers such as Lisa Jacobson (, Leigh-Anne Dutton (, Jolene Engle (, Jami Balmet (YoungWife', Katie Bennett (, Marci Ferrell (, Hilary Bernstein ( and many more...


Hurry – enrollment closes November 7th, 2017 (and won’t re-open until next year!)

Hi! I'm Lois...

I’m a Christian wife, mama and writer, who blogs at

I’ve had C.F.S. for most of my life.

I know what it’s like to live in constant pain. I know what it’s like to have muscles that feel so weak that you can barely hold your head up. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re missing out on 90% of life.

And, I know what it’s like to feel like a failure at homemaking because you just don’t have the physical energy, stamina or lack of pain to be able to keep up with all the things that other people can do.

That’s why I made this course. I want to share with you what God has been teaching me about homemaking with chronic illness, for His glory. 

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...


Get access instantly, but hurry – enrollment closes November 7th, 2017 and won’t re-open until next year!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access for?
Your purchase gives you lifetime access to Chronic Homemaking and all the other courses inside My Homemaking Mentor (and all the courses that will be added each year!)

How many other courses are included?
There are currently 22 courses (including Chronic Homemaking) inside the Academy. Each time enrollment opens (twice each year), more courses are added.

How long will it take to work through Chronic Homemaking?
I’ve designed it to be a self-paced course, so you can work through it in as little time or as much time as you need, as and when you are feeling well enough.

Are there any payment plan options?
If you can’t afford to pay the $129 upfront, there are two payment plan options: 6 months (at $26.50/mo) and 12 months (at only $14/mo), so you’re sure to find an option that works for your budget.

TIRED OF WASTING ENERGY & getting nowhere? let's change that!

Enrollment closes November 7th, 2017 and won’t re-open until next year…

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